School of Social Sciences


Under Graduate Programmes

♦ B. A Sociology

♦BSW- Bachelor of Social Work

♦ B.A Islamic Studies

♦ B.Sc Psychology

♦ B.Com

♦ B.Com (Bank Management)

♦ B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)

♦ B.Com (Accounting and Finance)

♦ B.Com (Computer Applications)

Post Graduate Programmes

♦ M. A Sociology


♦ M.A Anthropology

♦ M.A Gender Studies

♦ M.A Islamic Studies

♦ M.Com

♦ M.Sc Psychology

♦ M.Sc Counselling and Psychotherapy * Through PSCs

♦ M.Sc Counselling and Psychotherapy (Lateral Entry)

PG Diploma

♦ P.G Diploma in Psychological

♦ P.G Diploma in Guidance & Counselling

♦ P.G Diploma in Gerontology

♦ P.G Diploma in Child Rights and Child Protection

♦ P.G Diploma in Social Welfare Administration

♦ P.G Diploma in School Counselling

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