Vice – Chancellor

PP- 3

Vice Chancellor
Tamil Nadu Open University

Dear Student,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the distance learning community.

I am aware that you have joined this Programme, in spite of the demands on your time. Recognising the social sacrifices you may have to make to pursue your studies,we pledge that we will make every effort to make your journey with us a rewarding experience, notwithstanding initial hiccups, if any.

In order to help you realize your goal, we have developed a unique instructional system. This system includes self – learning materials and continuous feedback/assessment through assignment responses.

As most of the time during the teaching/learning process, we will be at a distance,we have developed learning materials that are self – learning in nature.  In other words,you should be able to successfully complete the Programme independent of teachers.And, we have confidence in you!

Let us journey together and make the experience as rewarding as possibly we can.
I wish you all success in your personal and academic endeavours.

Best Wishes,
Vice – Chancellor