School of Computer Science


Under Graduate Programmes

♦ Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
♦ Bachelor of Computer Application(Lateral Entry) (BCA)
♦ Bachelor of Computer Application (Simultaneous Registration): BCA(SE)
♦ Bachelor  of Science in Computer Science(B.Sc-CS)
♦ Bachelor of Science in Computer System Administration (B.Sc -CSA) (work based)

Post Graduate Programmes
        ♦ Master of Computer Application: (MCA)
        ♦ Master of Computer Application (Lateral Entry): (MCA-LE)
        ♦ Master of Science in Computer Science : M.Sc (CS)
♦ Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc).

PG Diploma programmes
      ♦ PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)
      ♦ PGDSM (Post Graduate Diploma in Software Quality Management)
      ♦ PGDIS (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security)
♦ PGDLAN (Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking)

Diploma Programmes
    ♦ DDB ( Diploma in Databases)
    ♦ Diploma in Data Sciences and Big data Analytics
    ♦ Diploma in Cloud Computing

       Vocational Diploma Programmes
           ♦ Vocational Diploma in Computer Applications
           ♦ Vocational Diploma in DTP Operator
           ♦Vocational Diploma in Computer Hardware Servicing

      Non Credit Certificate Programmes
         ♦ Certificate in Basic Computer
         ♦ Certificate in Office Automation
         ♦ Certificate Multimedia Systems
         ♦ Certificate in Programming Techniques
         ♦ Certificate in Computer Applications

     Research Programmes
       ♦ M.Phill – Computer Science (FT / PT)
       ♦ Ph.D – Computer Science (FT / PT)

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