Planning Board


Name & Communication Address of the Members

According to TNOU Act

Date of Nomination

Date of Expiry
 1  Dr. M. Bhaskaran, Ph.D.,Vice Chancellor

Vocational / Technical Education:
Thiru K.V.D. Kishore Kumar
Director Veltech Educational Institutions
No.42, Avadi-Alamathi Road
Vellanur, Avadi, Chennai – 600 062.

     Sec 27(2)(c)Five persons, who are not employees of the University, to be nominated by the Chancellor, one each representing the following Sectors:
(i)  Vocational / Technical Education, (ii) Media / Communications, (iii) Manpower Planning,
(iv) Agriculture / Rural Development and Allied Activities; and (v) Women’s Studies
17-04-2013 16-04-2016

Media / Communication:
Thiru Nagarajan Lingam
Director-Film Industry
Chennai – 41.


Manpower Planning:
Dr.S.Selvam Director,
Centre for Industry Collaboration,Anna University,Chennai – 25.


Agriculture / Rural Development and Allied Activities:
Former Vice-Chancellor,
Gandhigram Rural University.


Women’s Studies
Dr.T. Mohanasree
Principal Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Arts and Science College, Chennai – 79.