Under Graduate Model Question Papers -June, 2008

B.B.A BBA11-BBAC11-BBAM11-BCS11 BBA-12 BBA-13 BBA-14 BBA-15 BBA-32 BBA-34 BBA-36
BBA-21 BBA-23 BBA-24 BBA-25 BBA-31 BBA-33 BBA-35 BBAM-13
B.C.A BCA-01 BCA-02 BCA-03 BCA-04 BCA-05      
BCA-06 BCA-07 BCA-08 BCA-09 BCA-10      
BCA-11 BCA-12 BCA-13 BCA-14 BCA-15 BCA-16 BCA-17 BCA-18





B.lit Tamil BLT-11 BLT-12 BTM-11 BLT-12 BTMAL-11
BLT-21 BLT-22 BTM-21 BTM-22 BTMAL-21
BTM-31 BTM-32 BTM-33 BTM-34 BTMAO-01
B.A. Tamil BTM-11 BTM-12 BTMAL-11 BTM-21 BTM-22 BTMAL-21
BTM-31 BTM-32 BTM-33 BTM-34 BTMAO-01
B.A. English beg1 beg3 beg4 BEG 5 BEG 6 BEG 7
beg 11 begc 11 beg 12 begc 12 beg 13 beg 22 beg 23
beg31 beg32 beg 33 beg 34 beg 35
B.A. English and Communication BEGC-11 BEGC-12 BEGC-13 BEG 12 BEGC 12 BEG 11 BEGC 11 beg12 begc12
B.A Social Work baswal11 bsw11 bsw12 bsw21 bsw22 basw11 basw12  
B.A Sociology bso12 bsoal11 bso11 bsoal 11 bso 11 bso 12 BSO-12 BSOAL-11
B.A Political Science BPS-11 BPS-12 BPSAL-11 BPS-11 BPS-12 BPSAL-11    
B.A. Public Administration bpa11 bpaal11 bpa 11 bpa12 BPA-11      
BSc. Mathematics bms01 bms02 bms03 bms04 bms05 bms06 bms07 bms08
BMS12 bms 09 bms10 bmsa01 bms12bmc12 bms13
bms21 bms22 bms23
B.Sc. Mathamatics with Computer Application BMC-11 bmc13 bmc 13    
B.B.A. Computer Applications
bbac 12 bbac12 BBAC11
B.B.A. Marketing Management
bbam12 bbam13 BBAM 13 BBAM11
B.Com bco 13 bcoal 2 bco 2 bco4 bco 9 bco-13 bco 33 bco 35
BCOAL-1 bco12bbac12 bcoal1 bco10 BCO-13 BAF-13 bco9 bco4 bco2
bco7 BCOAL2 BCO-35 BCO-33 bcoao1 bco 11bbca 11 bco 12 bbca 12 bco 22
bco32 bco6 bco5 bco8 BCO31 bco25 BCO24 bco23
B.Com. Bank Management bbm13 bbm 11 bbm12 bbm11 bbm 12 bbm 13
B.Com Corporate Secretaryship bcs 13 bcs12 bcs13 bcs 12
B.Com Accounting and Finance baf 11 baf12 baf11 baf 12
B.Com Computer Application bco11bbca11 BBCA13 bbca 13 BBCA-13 BBAC-13        
B.T.T.S TTSAL-2 TTS3 tts4 TTSAL1 TTS1 TTS2    
B.A. Economics bec3h bec8 bec12 bbe12 bec31 bec33 becao1 BECAL11
bec32 bec22 bec11 bbe11 bec7 bbeal11
B.A. History bhi3 bhi4 bhi5 bhi6 bhi7 bhi8 bhi11 bhm11 BHI12
BHI21 BHI32 BHI22 BHI31 BHI33 BHI34 BHI35 bhi11 bhm11

bhi12 bhial2 bhial11 BHIAL21 bhiao1 BHMAL–11    
B.A. History and Heritage Management BHmAL11 bhmal11 bhm12
B.Sc. Psychology BSY-11 BSY-12 BSYAL-11 BSY-11
B.Sc. Geography bgeal11 bge11
B.Sc. Apparel and Fashion Design
Foundation Course bftm1 bfml1-11 bfkd111 bfhd111 bffr111 bfsk111 bfhd1c bfsk1c
BFHD -11 BFTG1-11 BFTM-1 bffr-11 BFHD -221 bffr-2-21 bftm 11 bfsk1 11
bfkd11 bfml-1.11 bftg-11 bfeg11 bftg221 bfeg 11 bfeg2 bfml2-21
bfkd221 bfsk221 bftm11 ftm1 bftm2 bftm21 BFEG 1 bfeg 1c


feg1 bfeg22 BEG 2
Bachelor's Degree Preparatory Programme (BPP) pss01 pco-01 pmt- 01 pss-01 pmt-01 pco01