Degree Certificate

Individual mark statement for every appearance shall be issued to the student. The student has to pay the prescribed fee along with the examination fee.

Provisional Certificate

A student has to pay the fees for the issuance of Provisional Certificate at the prescribed rates along with the examination fee for final year examination.  The details about the fees to be paid for issue of individual mark statements and provisional certificate are included as part of the examination application.

Duplicate Certificate

Applications for duplicate certificates shall be sent to the Controller of Examinations, TNOU in the prescribed form given in the Prospectus along with the required fees. The applicant shall enclose the following documents for the purpose :

Event Document to be enclosed

Loss of Certificate in transit when posted by Tamil Nadu Open University   An affidavit attested by a Notary Public about the non receipt of the Certificate while in postal transit.
Loss of Certificate due to theft or causes other than those mentioned at (c) below

i) Particulars of employment if any, from the date of issue of the Certificate concerned

ii) An affidavit attested by a Notary Public to the effect that the Certificate hasbeen irretrievably lost

iii) Copy of the complaint made to the Police Station concerned
iv) A non-traceable Certificate issued by the Officer of the Police Station concerned

v) Copy of the notice about the loss of the Certificate, issued in a leading Tamil or English Newspaper having circulation
in the District where the Certificate is reported to be lost.

Loss of Certificate due to natural calamities such as fire, flood, tidal waves,earth quake, land slides,and riots or civil commotion etc.  A Certificate about the loss issued by the  Tahsildar or the Revenue Authority in  charge of relief work.


Consolidated Mark Statement 

Consolidated mark statement shall be issued to the student after he/she passes in all Courses prescribed for the Programme. The student has to pay the fee of Rs.500/- after completing the Degree.

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